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Billing Policies

Thank you for your interest in Scale (also known as “Scale AI Technologies, Inc.” or “Scale Support”) In this section, we will cover some of Scale’s Billing Policies. As Scale deals with the employment of human resources globally, billing appropriately to ensure all of our talents are fairly and morally compensated is one of our core responsibilities, and moral duties.

1. Deposits

Deposits are the fee that you will pay when first engaging Scale, and pays for our global sourcing teams to spend hours sourcing, assessing, interviewing, narrowing down, interviewing again, and eventually selecting & matching appropriate talent(s) for your account. For every 1 person we hire, we screen between 100-200 people, depending on the role.

Deposits are non-refundable, and should you choose to not continue with Scale, we are unable to refund your deposit. The only circumstance under which Scale may consider, in its sole discretion, a refund, is if Scale has failed to provide you with a talent after 31 calendar days. Deposits, do however count towards your plan price. For example, if you are subscribing to a plan that costs $1,299, and your deposit was $200, your first payment will be $1,099.

2. Billing Periods & Automatic Renewal

When you work with Scale, the assumption that is made clear to all parties from the beginning, is that your subscription with Scale will automatically renew every month until your Cancellation Notice (defined in Section 3) occurs.

The date upon which your Scale talent(s) starts working for you that is agreed upon by you and our team members during the sales or onboarding process (the “Start Date”) will be the first day of your subscription (the “Subscription Start Date”). If you are unresponsive to our communications prior to, on, or after this date, or forget about this date entirely, or are unavailable for any other reason, your Scale talent(s) are still assigned only to you in a dedicated capacity, and as they are human resources that you are ultimately responsible for, you will still be charged for their time. Payment for services to be rendered over the course of the first month of service will be deducted on this date. Payment for services will then continue to be charged every month thereafter (your “Subscription Renewal Date”). Payment will be automatically deducted from the chosen Payment Method on file.

If for any reason you are unable to pay your bill on the Subscription Renewal Date, our systems will continue to automatically attempt to charge you for 7 days, during or after which your Customer Success Manager will reach out to address the billing issue. If the billing issue is not resolved within 10 calendar days, your services may be interrupted, and your virtual talent(s) may be reassigned to other clients. You are financially liable for any periods during which your virtual talent(s) were working but your subscription was in an unpaid status.

2a. Payment Methods

Payment methods that Scale accepts include: credit and debit cards (American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover) and ACH (Automated Clearing House) with US bank accounts. Instant verification of US bank accounts are facilitated by our banking technology partner, Plaid. All payments, including but not limited to credit, debit, and banking are processed by our financial technology partner, Stripe, a PCI-Level 1 Compliant payment processor.

Payment for Deposits (as detailed in section 1) will typically be taken using a credit or debit card. Where Scale accepts ACH and other comparable direct bank transfer payment options, Scale imposes a Credit/Debit Card Payment Processing Fee, which is $35 USD per client per month. Scale will typically waive the first month’s Credit/Debit Card Payment Processing Fee. However, for every month of service including and beyond month 2, Scale will levy a $35 USD fee per month in order to offset our average cost of clients using a Credit or Debit card to pay for services. As our chargeable amounts are quite large, we must do this in order to continue providing high quality services at the price point that we offer. If for any reason the use of ACH or other comparable direct bank transfer payment options in markets in which we accept them is not achievable for you, please contact your Customer Success Manager to help you resolve this issue.

For clients that have an annual contract size of $48,000 USD or greater OR for clients that are on our Enterprise plans, you may request custom payment methods. Please contact your Customer Success Manager to discuss your options and requirements.

3. Cancellation of Services and 10 day Cancellation Notice period

If you would like to cancel your services and terminate your next automatic renewal, you must contact your Customer Success Manager with your instruction to cancel the services by email or via the chat service found on our website, if available (your “Cancellation Notice”), who will help you execute the necessary steps to cancel your services within 10 calendar days from your Cancellation Notice.

As our operations involve dealing with the employment of human resources, often in countries with diverse and differing laws to the United States, Scale has a 10 day Cancellation Notice period, this means that once you provide your Cancellation Notice, your services are still active and in effect for 10 calendar days thereafter. Therefore, if you would like to cancel your services, you must let your Customer Success Manager know 10 calendar days or more prior to your Subscription Renewal Date. If you do not provide us with at least 10 days of notice, you will be charged for your next month of service, and may continue using your services for the remaining month of service.

If you wish to Pause your Services instead of outright cancelling, you may contact your Customer Success Manager to discuss your options. Pausing usually requires the selection of a date to continue your Services, and does not guarantee your original talent(s) will be available to continue to serve you. Typically, after a Pause or Cancellation, talent(s) will be assigned to other clients.

4. Missed Planning Calls

During the sign up process for Scale, you will be asked to schedule a Planning Call with your Customer Success Manager. Failure to attend a scheduled Planning Call with your Customer Success Manager during the sign-up process will result in your sign-up being processed based on our standard specifications for your chosen role that you selected during your sign up 1 day after the missed Planning Call. The Start Date that we have on file is what we will use for the Subscription Start Date. If you are not satisfied with the talent that was selected for you, please contact your Customer Success Manager who will schedule a call to discuss your requirements and help you find a suitable replacement.

5. Disputes, Chargebacks & Refunds

Initiating a dispute or a chargeback against Scale will result in an immediate termination of services until resolution. Scale maintains a comprehensive record of your interactions and accepted agreements to validate any dispute. If you believe you are entitled to a refund, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager to explain the circumstances.

All charges are non-refundable, however, Scale may consider refunds on a case-by-case basis at its sole discretion.

Scale reserves the right to update or modify these Billing Policies at any time. Important changes in terms, as defined by Scale, will be conveyed to current & active clients via email, and updated here on this page.