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Top 1% of US-based and international talents, tailored training programs, and rigorous quality control. Done-for-you teams deployed in record time.



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Terms and Compliance to Fit Large Organizations

We know getting through vendor management, compliance, and legal review is going to be an uphill battle. We’ve done it before, and we’re prepared to handle custom terms and compliance needs.

In addition, we go further by allowing you to set up custom payment terms, custom incentive schemes, and even global headhunting services. 

Furthermore, you get a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM), exclusive to your account, and your talents will receive a dedicated trainer to help ramp up to the level you need them to be at.

Finally, whether it’s a single hire, a dedicated team, an entire division, support staff, or staff augmentation – we’re able to handle it all.

Payment Terms

CSM Exclusive to Your Account

Extensive Customization

Tailored Training Programs

Trainer Exclusive to Your Account

Extensive Paperwork Compliance


Scale Includes

Unparalleled Features and Benefits

Scale comes with a range of features and benefits that traditional talent agencies, BPOs or freelancing platforms just can’t match.

Your assistant is dedicated to only your business, they'll learn and improve and get better at your processes over time.

Scale Supports only work with one client, ensuring your work is prioritized. 

Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will help you with onboarding, your assistant's training, and work with you on performance feedback & continuous improvement for your assistant.

Your assistant isn't alone: they're supervised by both Scale's team captains and supervisors. 

Scale also employs sophisticated artificial intelligence technology that flags potential issues ahead of time to our supervisory team, whom work to proactively resolve issues.

In addition, our 24/7 quality management teams employ rigorous quality control procedures to identify quality issues and proactively solve them for you.

If quality is your goal, Scale remains the best choice in this industry. 

Your assistant is connected to Scale's training team and with supervisors who are ready to help them understand new tasks/tools as needed.

Scale also offers an affordable in-app training service that allows clients request focused training programs for their assistants, completely managed by Scale's Training & Development team.

Scale has partnered with several well-known companies that offer great discounts for Scale clients on their various creative, development, financial, sales, and communication products & services. Learn more here.

Manage your team with ease with

The Scale Support App

All clients receive access to the Scale Support app – a specialized app, perfected using our years of experience managing remote teams, to help: communicate with your assistant, manage tasks/projects, share files, record processes, securely exchange passwords, and lot more. Our apps are available on all major platforms.

Ensure your assistant is on the same page with modern chat capabilities, centered around productivity, and perfected by our years of experience managing remote talent.

In addition, manage your tasks using our built-in kanban board, or switch to a standard to-do list. 

Scale's apps are available on all platforms: Windows, Mac, Web, Chrome, iPhone and Android.

Wink is Scale's free screen recording app to help you record processes and training materials for your assistant (or anyone else!). It's similar to Loom, but without any limits. 

No installation required, just click "Start Recording", and that's it!

Use our in-app training module to enroll your assistant in training courses managed by Scale's in-house Training & Development team

Scale comes with a media library to manage/share files.

Use the Scale's Workflows to define and explain complex, repetitive processes.

Use Scale's Password Manager to safely share access to your apps and tools.

In addition to our standard app, you can integrate Scale with Zapier - allowing Scale to connect its human talent seamlessly with any automated processes & apps you have.

You can also add us to your Slack workspace, and @mention Scale like any other Slack user.

How Clients Use Scale

UK-based tech company uses Scale to build out their international sales team

Scale Supports serve as sales development representatives and customer support for this multinational company to schedule meetings and presentations, maintain sales records and databases, and respond to customer concerns. The company also employs some specialized Scale agents for outbound lead generation, which helped them increase their revenue by more than 300% in 2021 alone.

Food Delivery Co. uses Scale to expand to new geographic markets

Scale enabled leading food delivery company setup outbound call centers to rapidly onboard new restaurants and provide real-time support to vendors and drivers in a completely new geographic market.

Corporation in the aviation industry leverages Scale Talent to digitize technical records

Scale takes scanned copies of paper-based manuals or blueprints, leverages optical character recognition (OCR) software, and stores the respective information in digital asset management systems. The agents carefully review the digitized documents, correct discrepancies, and ensure they are high quality.

Publishing conglomerate empowers their senior executives with Scale Executive Assistants

Besides typical use cases like booking travel arrangements, scheduling meetings, and drafting correspondence, Scale handles data cleaning, visualization, and report creation: Assistants format documents, remove errors and outliers, aggregate data as needed, and work with the client to tailor the visualizations to meet their specific needs.


US Government institution uses Scale to power a call center for a public phone hotline

Scale provides trained and compliant call agents to staff the government institution’s call center. Scale also ensures consistently high quality of all incoming calls on the public phone hotline.

E-Commerce aggregator uses Scale to offer real-time support for 100+ ecom brands

NY-based e-commerce aggregator company uses Scale to develop hybrid customer support teams each assigned to a collection of their brands. Scale agents respond to customer queries, make changes to CRM as required, process refunds and returns, and update inventory on Amazon, Shopify and other platforms.

Transparent, Affordable Pricing

Blandine Avot
Blandine AvotOperations Manager
Dispatch Goods
clutchRead More
Working with Scale has been allowing our team to focus our time on strategic tasks instead of data entry. It's been saving us a lot of valuable time and giving us a lot of brainspace knowing this task was running by itself and always completed timely. Scale is also very adaptable and has great attention to detail. They always reach out in doubt to avoid any error or misunderstanding. It's been a trustworthy service that became a fundamental part of our workflow.
Verified Review
Duncan Bird
Duncan BirdFranchise Owner
InXpress Stockport
Read More
Suraj is dedicated, always on time, is a great communicator and is fast at responding. He is great with my clients; he can embrace change without complications and can take onboard any task thrown at him. Suraj is an amazing assist to my business, and I am so grateful for his hard work, commitment and quick to learn mentality. I am so glad I found Scale, and I am really impressed with the service I have received.
Verified Review
Doug Burnett
Doug BurnettChief Good Officer
capterra-iconlogo-svg-svgRead More
I've worked with lots of executive assistants over the years and hands down love working with my assistant at Scale most of all. The structure Scale has set up is really effective. I love knowing there's always a real person working on my tasks, having managers helping, knowing my assistant is finding AI tools to optimize. I often recommend Scale to clients, friends, and family. I'm a big fan.
Verified Review
Roy Chua
Roy ChuaPrincipal
capterra-iconlogo-svg-svgRead More
Scale is an innovative software-powered interface to virtual assistants. Scale has provided a software-augmented virtual assistant service that's unique in the field. Just as important as the software platform is the quality of their assistants behind the scene. Their ability to organize and run a process of matching our needs with available talent was successful. [Scale is] easy to use. It’s fast to set up tasks and prioritize them in a Kanban-like view. Interactive chat built into the platform is helpful. Nice touch on information and file sharing capabilities. Stored secure credentials was a unique capability we hadn't seen anywhere else.
Verified Review
Mastro Brothers, Inc.
Mastro Brothers, Inc.Construction Company
clutchRead More
Scale has done large amounts of data entry on our CRM, sent outbound emails to forge new relationships which has given us the opportunity to bid on over $15,000,000 in new work, created an online presence for both companies using social media and posting content often, sourced design materials like vanities and other finish items. Our receivables have gone down significantly and our bidding opportunities have increased majorly. Workflow is effective because communication is constant.”
Verified Review
David Namdar
David NamdarGeneral Partner
Coral Capital
clutchRead More
Scale gave the best VA I could ever hope for. I let them know my needs for my business and personal matters, and they immediately got to work, looking for the best virtual assistant that would suit my needs. Scale trained my VA before onboarding to equip them with knowledge and skills even before meeting with me. I was able to grow my online presence overall, the engagement has been highly successful.
Verified Review
Rami Frankl
Rami FranklCEO
DragonTree Media + Technologies
capterra-iconlogo-svg-svgRead More
Scale removes the cons from managing off-site staff. The Scale platform helps us delegate and manage our VA Staff. It solves a lot of problems and challenges we were having with other vendors, such as privacy and security concerns. Scale is robust and holistic in its approach to solutions at a price that is undeniably the best value we saw in the marketplace.
Verified Review
Kelsey Galarza
Kelsey GalarzaCo-Founder
Orange Marketing
Read More
I've had the best VA experience so far after multiple tries. The app is easy to use to communicate and create tasks, there's loads of real-person communication, and my assistant was so capable at MANY things. He was so good that every week I found more things I could take off my plate and all for a low fixed price per month. Great value and it's taken a lot of stress off me.
Verified Review
Beth Woskow McDaniel
Beth Woskow McDanielPresident
Reactive Surfaces
clutchRead More
Scale helped organize a large amount of research and technical data into a mind map. We also have a Scale support now that performs research, calendaring, and other tasks as directed on a 20-hour/week basis. Another task was to cull through and organize thousands of emails and pull out all the non-business-related emails and where applicable, to cancel email blasts. The quality of their virtual assistants and their work has been overall impressive.
Verified Review
James R.
James R. Principal - Non-Profit Organization Management
capterra-iconlogo-svg-svgRead More
The Scale team has been helpful from the daily work through to customer support. Getting assistants through Scale is a much easier method of outsourcing VA tasks than hiring offshore workers directly—they handle the admin, training, HR, etc. With them, I can focus on more core business.
Verified Review
Megan Metzger
Megan MetzgerOwner
Megan Metzger Consulting
Read More
We're pleased with Scale and the VA's we have been matched with through them. They make the process very easy and the candidates they work with are professional, experienced, and have done great work for us. I always bring up Scale talking to business owners in my network who need help and are looking for affordable ways to grow. Really good investment!
Verified Review
Shelly Harrison
Shelly HarrisonCEO, Co-Founder
Luminary Leaders
Read More
We are delighted to work with Scale Support & our highly skilled VA for several months now. Working with this company is a Game Changer for our company - their platform is user friendly, real time and tasks are completed efficiently. The Leadership Team is very compassionate about their clients, work force/team and affiliates. I highly recommend other business owners & professionals of any size to consider utilizing Scale Support for their business to give them the time & piece of mind towards growth and improved efficiency!
Verified Review

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Scale is changing the way businesses around the world hire virtual assistants.

Scale Support is an entirely managed service experience that provides clients with a dedicated assistant, a Customer Success Manager, a surrounding team for support, and an industry-first virtual assistant management software to streamline communication, task management, file sharing and team collaboration.

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