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We believe in a future of fully remote work and a global economy with no borders.

With today’s technology, a location constraint is completely unnecessary. We’re building tools to help the future of remote work.



Developer Talent

How Scale Helps its Clients

We help companies hire the best remote developers easily.

Best Talent at half the cost

Hire Silicon Valley-like software developers for an average of $34/hour

1 week free, 0 risk

1 week free trial per developer, no questions asked.

No worries about international employment laws

You don’t have to worry about international employment laws or benefits. We take care of it all.

Unique interview process

We have a unique interview process that has a large emphasis on the developer’s soft skills.

Transparent pricing model

We have a very transparent pricing model; the price you see on the developer’s profile is the price you pay, no extra fees at all.

Trouble free contract scheme

Our contract is month to month and you can cancel anytime.

Want to Discuss Your Requirements?

A web3 gaming company building a creator platform for genuine connections with any creator and their biggest fans. Raised $18M and uses Scale as primary source of hiring.
Gaming Company

Our Robust Vetting Process

Unlike typical technical interviews, we put lots of emphasis on the developer’s soft skills. Technical skills are crucial but it’s critical to realize the importance of attitude, willingness to learn, passion, and communication.

Loom Video

First, the developers apply online by attaching a 3 minute loom video of themselves going through their resume. Here we can quickly do most of the filtering by assessing experience, resume, and communication.

Online Test

If the candidate passes the 1st step, they then have to take 2 quizzes personalized to their skills.


Casual Interview

We then conduct a casual interview discussing their experience, assessing their soft skills, and seeing if they’re passionate about what they do.

Technical Interview

After they pass the casual interview, we conduct 1-2 rounds of technical interviews.

Test Phase

After all the steps above are passed, the developer joins your team for 1 week at no cost. This, without doubt, is the best possible way to truly assess one’s skills, communication, team work, and passion. We pay for this so that you can confidently hire the best remote developers for your team.

Top 1% Scale Certified Developer

Finally, you get your Top 1% Scale-Certified Developer.



Unparalleled Features and Facilities

Scale comes with a range of features and facilities that traditional talent agencies, BPOs or freelancing platforms can not match.
Your Scale Remote Developer works 80 to 160 hours per month and will only handle tasks you or your team assigns.

You'll have a dedicated Customer Success Manager to help you with onboarding, training and performance feedback.

Scale employs rigorous quality control procedures to identify quality issues and proactively solve them for you.

Your assistant is connected to Scale trainers and supervisors who are ready to help them understand new tasks/tools as needed.

Scale also provides an in-app training module that allows clients request focused training programs for their assistant (managed by Scale) or create/upload their own materials.


Scale Task Management App for Your Team

All Scale clients receive complimentary access to the Scale Task Management tool – a specialized app built to help you communicate with your Developer, manage tasks/projects, share files, record screen-sharing videos, and much more.

Ensure that your assistant is on the same page with in- app messaging and chat capabilities. Send notes, procedures, and detailed instructions so they can achieve what you envision for your brand.


Wink is a screen recording app to help you record processes/training materials for your assistant (or basically anyone else). Think of Loom, but without any limits. 

Use our in-app training module to enroll your assistant to training courses managed by Scale.
Scale comes with a media library to manage/share files. Use the Workflows feature to define and explain processes. Use the 'Credentials' feature to safely share access to necessary apps and tools.

What Our Clients Say
About Us

Daniel Zhang
Daniel ZhangFounder, D2C Ecom Brand
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Scale has been instrumental in boosting my team's productivity. Thanks to my Scale VA we have organized and targeted our outreach efforts, maximizing the impact of each interaction. Additionally, they do in-depth research for me that I use in sales calls and demos. They send me crucial info that I use to close high-value deals. Overall, very pleased.
Suzanne V.
Suzanne V.CEO, Series-A Saas App
Read More
Very grateful to our Assistants from Scale, who work as our technical support agents. They answer all common customer questions, from password resets to basic troubleshooting. In the last few months, we launched our app on two new platforms and Scale has enabled us to scale our team quickly as needed. 100% recommended.
Sara Barek
Sara BarekFounder, VC Firm
Read More
Bipin helps us take in new deals and enter them into our CRM so that they can be assessed. It is a huge help and boosts our efficiency and ability to assess and triage new deals. Now we know what to pay attention to, and what to quickly ignore.

Getting Started is Easy

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Meet Your Developer Candidates

Meet and interview the candidates we present to you to determine who will be the best fit.

Start Working with Your Developer

We will take care of all paperwork so your Developer can get to work immediately.

Developer Talent Pricing

Depending on the skills you would like your developer to have, the following hourly price ranges are common:

$20 - $30

$30 - $50


Part Time


Includes 5+ user accounts for Scale Task Mgmt. App

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Full time


Includes unlimited user accounts for Scale Task Mgmt. App

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What's included?

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About Scale Support

Scale is changing the way businesses around the world hire virtual assistants.

Scale Support is an entirely managed service experience that provides clients with a dedicated assistant, a Customer Success Manager, a surrounding team for support, and an industry-first virtual assistant management software to streamline communication, task management, file sharing and team collaboration.