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Virtual Assistant for
E-Commerce Stores

Don’t get bogged down by daily tasks; let our expert E-Commerce virtual assistants manage your store while you grow your brand.



e-commerce assistant
e-commerce assistant

Amazon or Shopify, Let Scale Support
Handle All E-Commerce Tasks

Scale E-Commerce  VAs help with customer support, order fulfillment, returns, and maintain your store and listings on Shopify, Amazon, Etsy, Magento, or any platform your brand is on.

Order Fulfillment

Your assistant ensures that customers receive products they ordered and processes returns or exchanges.

Process Returns and Refunds

Your assistant can manage returns, process labels, apply credits/refunds, arrange for exchanges.

Shop/Marketplace Listings

Do you use marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy and Ebay? Your Assistant can help manage listings, orders, and more.

Manage Inventory/Reorders

Scale Support can produce reports, schedule reorders, and manage inventory at your warehouse/3PL centers.

Maintain Store CRM

Whether you use Shopify, Magento or Woocommerce, your Scale VA is trained to manage your shop CRM.

Customer Support

Scale VA can help customers with support tickets, make shopping suggestions, join live conversations.

With the top-notch support I get from my dedicated assistants, I can rely on my fulfillment and customer service to be professionally managed, Amazon FBA logistics management, and marketing & social media channels to be grown. At the same time, I can focus on talking to my customers and overall growth.
Sacha Hason
European Leather Works

Scale Helps Clients Solve Support Problems At Scale

Scale enables clients to outsource entire customer experience operations, develop training and measurement system, and increase/decrease team size whenever needed.

True Salt Co. Uses Scale for ABC

Scale enables Saas co. maintain 24/7 live chat and phone support system to help customers with onboarding and answer critical last stage questions.

Marketing and analytics solutions agency uses 1 Scale CSR to handle all support queries

Scale enables LA-based marketing agency to offload ALL customer support activities.

Little Rascal Co.

Scale helps vacation rental co with more than 100 properties in 3 countries maintain 24/7 inquiry and guest support service.

Ecomwealth: E-commerce aggregator company

NY-based ecommerce aggregator company uses Scale to develop hybrid customer support teams each assigned to a collection of their brands.


Scale Task Management App for Your Team

All Scale clients receive complimentary access to the Scale Task Management tool – a specialized app built to help you communicate with your assistant, manage tasks/projects, share files, record screen-sharing videos, and lot more.

Ensure that your assistant is on the same page with in- app messaging and chat capabilities. Send notes, procedures, and detailed instructions so they can achieve what you envision for your brand.


Wink is a screen recording app to help you record processes/training materials for your assistant (or basically anyone else). Think of Loom, but without any limits. 

Use our in-app training module to enroll your assistant to training courses managed by Scale.

Scale comes with a media library to manage/share files.

Use the Workflows feature to define and explain processes.

Use the 'Credentials' feature to safely share access to necessary apps and tools.

Scale Includes

Unparalleled Features and Facilities

Scale comes with a range of features and facilities that traditional talent agencies, BPOs or freelancing platforms can not match.

You'll have a dedicated Customer Success Manager to help you with onboarding, training and performance feedback.

You'll have a dedicated Customer Success Manager to help you with onboarding, training and performance feedback.

Scale employs rigorous quality control procedures to identify quality issues and proactively solve them for you.

Your assistant is connected to Scale trainers and supervisors who are ready to help them understand new tasks/tools as needed.

Scale also provides an in-app training module that allows clients request focused training programs for their assistant (managed by Scale) or create/upload their own materials.

What Our Clients Say
About Us

Daniel Zhang
Daniel ZhangFounder, D2C Ecom Brand
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Scale has been instrumental in boosting my team's productivity. Thanks to my Scale VA we have organized and targeted our outreach efforts, maximizing the impact of each interaction. Additionally, they do in-depth research for me that I use in sales calls and demos. They send me crucial info that I use to close high-value deals. Overall, very pleased.
Pamela Greene
Pamela GreeneHead of Retail, Continental Sports Co.
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It's nice when you have an assistant you can train, but it's even better when you get someone who already knows their way around platforms like Amazon Seller Central or Magento. Scale VAs are the latter. I hired two VAs for our company and I don't have to spend hours getting them up to speed. I just showed them what they should know about my products and they adapted quickly. Great job Scale.
David Won
David WonFounder, David's Coffee
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Ever since I got my Jasmine (Scale VA), I’d gotten back so much time. She handles customer service. Everything from replying to questions and reviews, to handling feedback and concerns coursed through Intercom, that’s all her. I appreciate that she cares so much about my store’s success, and it definitely shows in how customers talk about my store. Definitely worth it!

Getting Started is Easy

Add Requirements and Sign Up

Use our sign up tool to submit your job description/requirements quickly and easily.

Meet Your Customer Success Manager

Meet your Customer Success Manager (CSM) and start delegating your first tasks.

Start Working with Your Assistant

We find the right person, equipped with your desired experience and skills to help grow your business.

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Includes 1 user account.



Includes 3 user account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Scale completes every piece of work for its clients through trained human Assistants. However, Scale leverages sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) to improve work quality. Our strategic use of AI is one of the reasons why we can offer our high-quality services at a competitive price point.
Yes. Scale can sign a non-disclosure agreement that covers both your relationship with Scale and Scale/your relationship with any hired assistants. However, we cannot sign anything that contains a noncompete clause. Please ask your Success Manager about this. Please note, in signing a custom NDA with the VA only, this action will diminish our team's ability to oversee your account from a quality & supervision perspective.

Your Scale Support will easily work alongside you, even if they're in another time zone. They can be there during your business hours, regardless of the time difference!

You can access Scale Support anywhere in the world! Please note that Scale can only communicate with you and external parties in English (except for bilingual Assistants). Reach out to our sales team if you require an Assistant who can speak other languages.
You can give as much work as you need to be done within the agreed-upon hours for the day. However, how fast your Assistant completes the tasks depends on several factors. These include the type of work, the complexity of the tasks, and how much other work your Assistant is doing for you.
Although 24/7 coverage is available, we don’t offer it by default. Your Assistants are typically available 4 or 8 hours a day, five days a week. Clients choose the time bracket but can’t break up the hours; each Assistant must have an ongoing block of working hours. If you’d like to inquire about different coverage options (8/7, 16/5, 16/7, 24/5, 24/7), please reach out to us.

Each business has its own dedicated team, meaning other clients’ work is never prioritized over yours. Your team’s work is always the highest priority.

Scale Supports provide “unlimited” assistance if this work falls within their contract hours. You’ll have to consider and decide how many platforms are feasible to be managed by your Assistant(s).

Scale has the following methods available:

Web app
Slack integration
Mobile app for iOS & Android
Dedicated phone number (call & texts)

Email, WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, or custom methods are available upon request.

Scale Supports are based worldwide – they are typically college-educated, fluent English speakers who have undergone a rigorous vetting process and an in-depth training and testing program. All Assistants are supervised by talented Managers and have a team they can rely on for help. Our Assistants are compensated at higher-than-market salaries and incentivized by your happiness!
Scale guarantees a reply time of 3 minutes. Within this time, your Assistant should be able to notify you when they’ll start working on your request or provide an update on their progress. How long the work itself takes depends on how complex the tasks are. Nevertheless, you can be sure your Assistant will do high-quality work. Scale Supports undergo weeks of training, are highly educated, and speak English (mostly on top of at least another language).
Yes. Scale can use any software you use, e.g., Salesforce, Trello, Later, Hootsuite, etc.
Scale has excellent Customer Support, available round the clock on all plans. Scale guarantees a reply within one business day on any support matter, but you typically get a reply within a few hours. You can contact Scale Support via the web app or ask your Assistant to relay a concern, question, or item of feedback to Scale Support. You also get a dedicated Client Success Manager who can help you with any aspect of the Scale experience. Enterprise Priority Support is also available and guarantees a response time of 10 minutes within business hours.
Your Assistant can keep office hours alongside yours, or you can ask them to cover hours you won’t be at work–it’s up to you! All you have to do is let your Client Success Manager know your preferences during your planning call, and they will note that when searching for your Assistant.

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