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Rated 4.8/5

Why Choose Scale Personal Assistant?

Full-time and Part-time Options

Scale virtual personal assistants work either full-time or part-time, like regular team members.

Free Task Management App

The free Scale app comes loaded with a dedicated chat system, kanban board, media/file sharing system, and more.

Dedicated Personal Assistant

Your Scale support is dedicated to you and only works on tasks assigned by you/your team.

Customer Success Manager

You'll have a dedicated Customer Success Manager to help you with set up, and anytime you need any help with Scale.

Makes Life and Work Easier - Starting at just $599/mo

Scale Virtual Personal Assistants help their clients maintain balance between professional and personal life by helping them offload repetitive, tedious tasks.

Scale is an entirely managed assistant service that provides you a dedicated personal assistant, a Customer Success Manager, a surrounding team for support, and an industry-first virtual assistant management software to streamline communication, task management, file sharing, and team collaboration.

My Assistant J has been a game and life-changer for me... J does all the to-do's I never get to and makes work and life more manageable.
Keisha Mabry
Keisha Mabry
I am blown away by my assistant. She is extremely diligent, thoughtful, intelligent, and wonderful with my customers. She always goes the extra mile and I absolutely have no idea what I would do without her.
Dr. Cammy Froude
Hyphens and Spaces

Rated 5/5


Rated 4.8/5



What Scale Personal Assistants Do for their Clients

Scale’s General Assistants can do any work that doesn’t require highly specialized knowledge.
Need specialized skills? Check out all of our services here.


Input Receipts and Expenses

Scale Support creates or sends statements or invoices, track payments, and record company expenses.


Manage Personal/Team Calendars

Scale supports can manage complex personal and team calendars, and coordinate times for team meetings.


Perform Basic Research

Your assistant can gather data from different platforms and produce reports and insights as required.


Answer Phone Calls

Your assistant can handle client calls and proactively help them with solutions as required.


Help Prioritize Tasks

Scale helps manage projects, conducts internal communication, and organizes company data.


Perform Recurring Tasks

Your assistant will store and update records and collect information to be used for marketing operations.


Plan Entire Trips

Scale Support prepares itineraries for company executives, books hotels and cars, and more.


Get Groceries Delivered

Scale support takes care of miscellaneous needs such as ordering office supplies, furnitures, team lunch, etc.


Respond to Your Emails

Let your assistant be the first point of contact for emails, conduct follow-ups, forward important and urgent emails.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Scale Personal Assistant Pricing



Includes 1 user account.



Share with your team!

Includes 3 user accounts.

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Getting Started is Easy

Add Requirements and Sign Up

Use our sign up tool to submit your job description/requirements quickly and easily.

Meet Your Customer Success Manager

Meet your Customer Success Manager (CSM) and start delegating your first tasks.

Start Working with Your Assistant

We find the right person, equipped with your desired experience and skills to help grow your business.

App for communicating with Wing personal assistant


Scale Task Management App

Get access to the complimentary Scale VA Management software  purpose-built to help you track tasks and communicate with your virtual personal assistant easily.

Built-in Video Messaging

Use Wink, Scale’s new screen recording/video messaging tool designed to help users create great instructional and process documentation videos. 

Dedicated Chat System

Ensure that your assistant is on the same page with in- app messaging and chat capabilities. Send notes, share files, save important messages.

Media Library

Have a single repository for all your marketing collateral – our app’s content library lets you upload images, videos, and infographics for your assistant’s use.

Share Credentials

Allow your assistant access to all marketing tools and apps by using the ‘Credentials’ feature in your Scale Social Media Management app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Scale completes every piece of work for its clients through trained human Assistants. However, Scale leverages sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) to improve work quality. 

Our strategic use of AI is one of the reasons why we can offer our high-quality services at a competitive price point.

Yes. Scale can sign a non-disclosure agreement that covers both your relationship with Scale and Scale/your relationship with any hired assistants. However, we cannot sign anything that contains a noncompete clause. Please ask your Success Manager about this.

Please note, in signing a custom NDA with the VA only, this action will diminish our team's ability to oversee your account from a quality & supervision perspective.

Your Scale Support will easily work alongside you, even if they're in another time zone. They can be there during your business hours, regardless of the time difference!

You can access Scale Support anywhere in the world! Please note that Scale can only communicate with you and external parties in English (except for bilingual Assistants). Reach out to our sales team if you require an Assistant who can speak other languages.

You can give as much work as you need to be done within the agreed-upon hours for the day. However, how fast your Assistant completes the tasks depends on several factors. These include the type of work, the complexity of the tasks, and how much other work your Assistant is doing for you.
Although 24/7 coverage is available, we don’t offer it by default. Your Assistants are typically available 4 or 8 hours a day, five days a week. Clients choose the time bracket but can’t break up the hours; each Assistant must have an ongoing block of working hours. If you’d like to inquire about different coverage options (8/7, 16/5, 16/7, 24/5, 24/7), please reach out to us.

Scale imposes a Credit/Debit Card Payment Processing Fee, which is $35 USD per client per month. For clients who use ACH and comparable bank transfer options, this processing fee is waived. Scale levies this processing fee to offset our average cost of clients using a Credit or Debit card to pay for services. As our chargeable amounts are quite large, we must do this in order to continue providing high quality services at the price point that we offer.

A personal assistant can be a virtual assistant—that is, they can perform errands and household tasks remotely, through their computer. But some personal assistants work closely with their clients and complete tasks that require their physical presence.

This type of assistant completes household or personal tasks that do not require their physical presence. Some examples are making reservations, paying bills, inquiring about services, scheduling and canceling appointments, etc.

Scale has the following methods available:

Web app
Slack integration
Mobile app for iOS & Android
Dedicated phone number (call & texts)

Email, WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, or custom methods are available upon request.

Scale Supports are based worldwide – they are typically college-educated, fluent English speakers who have undergone a rigorous vetting process and an in-depth training and testing program. All Assistants are supervised by talented Managers and have a team they can rely on for help. Our Assistants are compensated at higher-than-market salaries and incentivized by your happiness!

Yes. Your Assistant will use/work on apps/tools you use for your business. Additionally, the Scale Task Management app can integrate with hundreds of apps through Zapier if you wish to automate tasks and reporting.

Yes. Scale can use any software you use, e.g., Salesforce, Trello, Later, Hootsuite, etc.

Scale has excellent Customer Support, available round the clock on all plans. Scale guarantees a reply within one business day on any support matter, but you typically get a reply within a few hours. You can contact Scale Support via the web app or ask your Assistant to relay a concern, question, or item of feedback to Scale Support.

You also get a dedicated Client Success Manager who can help you with any aspect of the Scale experience.

Enterprise Priority Support is also available and guarantees a response time of 10 minutes within business hours.

It depends! Hiring a US-based assistant as a full-time employee may cost upwards of $5,000 per month. Meanwhile, you can hire highly skilled, English-speaking global talent for less than $600 per month. An assistant’s location, qualifications, and previous experience can influence their rate. You may also check our quick guide on the costs of hiring a personal Assistant.
A personal Assistant is proficient at written and oral communication, coordinating with stakeholders, and organizing tasks. They are also adept at using various tools that make workflows efficient, like time management apps, scheduling tools, or social media schedulers. You can also expect an Assistant to know how to look up information and procure items/services for you.

Scale Personal Assistants cost $999/month full-time or $599/month part-time. We may quote an increased price for certain requirements/specializations.


About Scale Support

Scale is changing the way businesses around the world hire virtual assistants.

Scale Support is an entirely managed service experience that provides clients with a dedicated assistant, a Customer Success Manager, a surrounding team for support, and an industry-first virtual assistant management software to streamline communication, task management, file sharing and team collaboration.

For a low monthly fixed price, you’re getting a dedicated Virtual Assistant (VA) to work on as much as you’d like, just like having an in-office team member who is available to take on work for you whenever you need help. Starting at just $599/mo, you will get a truly unlimited VA.


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