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Virtual Assistant for
Real Estate Professionals

Focus on closing clients; let our experienced real estate virtual assistants manage your CRM tools, create marketing materials, and handle other time-consuming tasks.


real estate assistant
real estate assistant

Fully Managed REVA Service to
Help You Close More Deals

Scale is a fully managed service that includes a Dedicated Real Estate Virtual Assistant, a Customer Success Manager, QC supervision, On-demand Training Facilities, Complimentary Work Management App, and more.

Property Sourcing

Handle market mapping,  rental docs, insurance policies, mortgages, fixture installation, and other expenditures.

Online Listing Setup

Populate listing websites, upload photos of properties, and ensure that all listings have high-resolution images.

Setting Up 3D Tours

Uploads/download videos & photos  for use in 3D tours, ensure tours have correct informational tag.

Real Estate Marketing

Create & proofread promotional or informational materials for digital & in-person marketing efforts.

Property Appraisal

Check properties’ curb appeal , research nearby establishments & schools, calculate ARV, etc.

Bid Management

Research tender databases for suitable opportunities, proofread drafts of tenders, submit certificates and docs.

General Administration

Handle invoicing, fill out booking forms, order supplies, manage CRM tools,  make travel arrangements, and more.

Appointment Scheduling

Make and receive calls, respond to queries, & forward hot leads to agents or managers.

Having a Scale Support has been a great asset to me and my day-to-day operations. I can simply record a video with details on how to do a task and it is done! My assistant is incredibly responsive and capable. I look forward to growing my partnership with Scale.
Christine Mulvey
Christine Mulvey
Director of Marketing, Charlesgate Realty

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What Our Clients Say
About Us

Gregory Schulick
Gregory SchulickReal Estate Agent, Keller Williams
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My Scale admin has helped lighten my daily work load enough to allow me to take in more projects and focus on more tasks to grow the business. She has helped me create multiple standard operation procedures that will allow me to bring people in under her in the future. I look forward to continuing to work with Scale in the future!
Chris Norris
Chris NorrisAssociate Broker, Ansley Real Estate
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I don’t like paperwork. When you’re a realtor, there’s a lot of paperwork, but that’s not my strong suit. That’s not me maximizing my skills. My assistant doesn’t save me time–time created, you know, as opposed to time saved, is almost really what that is. He’s made things possible that otherwise would have been impossible to do.
Christine Mulvey
Christine MulveyDirector of Marketing, Charlesgate Realty Group
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Having a Scale Support has been a great asset to me and my day-to-day operations. I can simply record a video with details on how to do a task and it is done! My assistant is incredibly responsive and capable. I look forward to growing my partnership with Scale.

Scale Includes

Unparalleled Features and Benefits

Scale comes with a range of features and benefits that traditional talent agencies, BPOs or freelancing platforms just can’t match.
Your assistant is dedicated to only your business, they'll learn and improve and get better at your processes over time. Scale's assistants only work with one client, ensuring your work is prioritized.

Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will help you with onboarding, your assistant's training, and work with you on performance feedback & continuous improvement for your assistant.

Your assistant isn't alone: they're supervised by both Scale's team captains and supervisors. Scale also employs sophisticated artificial intelligence technology that flags potential issues ahead of time to our supervisory team, whom work to proactively resolve issues. In addition, our 24/7 quality management teams employ rigorous quality control procedures to identify quality issues and proactively solve them for you. If quality is your goal, Scale remains the best choice in this industry.
Your assistant is connected to Scale's training team and with supervisors who are ready to help them understand new tasks/tools as needed. Scale also offers an affordable in-app training service that allows clients request focused training programs for their assistants, completely managed by Scale's Training & Development team.
Scale has partnered with several well-known companies that offer great discounts for Scale clients on their various creative, development, financial, sales, and communication products & services. Learn more here.

Manage your team with ease with

The Scale Support App

All clients receive access to the Scale Support app – a specialized app, perfected using our years of experience managing remote teams, to help: communicate with your assistant, manage tasks/projects, share files, record processes, securely exchange passwords, and lot more. Our apps are available on all major platforms.
Ensure your assistant is on the same page with modern chat capabilities, centered around productivity, and perfected by our years of experience managing remote talent. In addition, manage your tasks using our built-in kanban board, or switch to a standard to-do list. Scale's apps are available on all platforms: Windows, Mac, Web, Chrome, iPhone and Android.
Wink is Scale's free screen recording app to help you record processes and training materials for your assistant (or anyone else!). It's similar to Loom, but without any limits. No installation required, just click "Start Recording", and that's it!
Use our in-app training module to enroll your assistant in training courses managed by Scale's in-house Training & Development team
Scale comes with a media library to manage/share files. Use the Scale's Workflows to define and explain complex, repetitive processes. Use Scale's Password Manager to safely share access to your apps and tools.
In addition to our standard app, you can integrate Scale with Zapier - allowing Scale to connect its human talent seamlessly with any automated processes & apps you have. You can also add us to your Slack workspace, and @mention Scale like any other Slack user.

Getting Started is Easy

Speak with us to Get Started

Tell us what you expect from your new Real Estate Virtual Assistant, and we will find the best talent in our pool for you.

Meet Your Candidates

Meet and interview the candidates we present to you to determine who will be the best fit.

Start Working with Your Assistant

We will take care of all paperwork so your Scale Support can get to work immediately.

Real Estate Assistant Pricing



Includes 1 user account.



Includes 3 user accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, your Scale Support only works on your tasks during the agreed-upon hours.

That's your choice! Scale Supports work for clients worldwide.

Your Scale Support will easily work alongside you, even if they're in another time zone. They can be there during your business hours, regardless of the time difference!

Yes. Scale can sign a non-disclosure agreement that covers both your relationship with Scale and Scale/your relationship with any hired assistants. However, we cannot sign anything that contains a noncompete clause. Please ask your Success Manager about this. Please note, in signing a custom NDA with the VA only, this action will diminish our team's ability to oversee your account from a quality & supervision perspective.
You can access Scale Support anywhere in the world! Please note that Scale can only communicate with you and external parties in English (except for bilingual Assistants). Reach out to our sales team if you require an Assistant who can speak other languages.
You can give as much work as you need to be done within the agreed-upon hours for the day. However, how fast your Assistant completes the tasks depends on several factors. These include the type of work, the complexity of the tasks, and how much other work your Assistant is doing for you.

Scale has the following methods available:

Web app
Slack integration
Mobile app for iOS & Android
Dedicated phone number (call & texts)

Email, WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, or custom methods are available too.

Scale Real Estate Assistants are based worldwide – they are typically college-educated, fluent English speakers with skills and experience needed to succeed in this specialized role - Real Estate assistance. All Assistants are supervised by talented Managers and have a team they can rely on for help. Our Assistants are compensated at higher-than-market salaries and incentivized by your happiness!
Yes. Scale can use any software you use, e.g., Salesforce, Trello, Later, Hootsuite, etc.
Scale has excellent Customer Support, available round the clock on all plans. Scale guarantees a reply within one business day on any support matter, but you typically get a reply within a few hours. You can contact Scale Support via the web app or ask your Assistant to relay a concern, question, or item of feedback to Scale Support. You also get a dedicated Client Success Manager who can help you with any aspect of the Scale experience. Enterprise Priority Support is also available and guarantees a response time of 10 minutes within business hours.

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